Volunteer Work Abroad

The experience to travel and work abroad, will be an enriching basis for the rest of your life.

Even though most are not very well known, there ARE already a lot of organisations that offer such programs. Most of these organisations are extremely specialised, perhaps even offering ONE type of program only.  We will make it OUR job, to find out “who is who” and “who offers what” to come back to you with a FULL OVERVIEW of what is available in the world.

Volunteer programs.

Would you like to help in an orphanage in India, or contribute to the upkeeping of a natural park in Brazil? How about you going abroad, to help overcome the consequences of natural disasters? Perhaps teach English to young children in Thailand? Or would it attract you more to help re-build an abandoned little village in Spain?

The world is a big place. Not everywhere, people can bring around the required changes on their own. You can make a difference.

It is our challenge to find volunteers programs for you world wide. Right now we’re speaking with organisations in more then 10 countries, for them to accept you as a volunteer.. We’ll make sure that your tasks will be well defined, that you will be picked up from the airport (where ever in the world), that you will have a bed to sleep in and food to eat. We’re also contacting insurance companies, to make sure they will allow for a special insurance for volunteer programs abroad, making it safe for you and being sure of your ability to return when necessary.

Feel free to let us know what type of volunteer program you would most want to participate in. If we don’t have the contacts already, we’ll use our network of professional organisations, to find out if there IS a program as you requested.

Send us an e-mail at with your ideas, suggestions or requests.

Alternatively, you can go to our "Request more Information" section to fill out a questionnaire to let us know which of the types of  volunteer programs we are currently preparing would suit you best.

Work abroad.

A job at a burger restaurant is relatively easy to find in 50+ countries in the world and constitutes a good “base alternative” if you should not have any futher skills, not speak the language of the country you want to go to.

Of course, we will find a whole range of alternatives for you. How about spending your summer working in an amusement park. In a museum perhaps?

Work on a farm in Poland or Australia, will give you real life experience, to look at your present life in a different way.

Want to teach English at a high school in China? Wow, what an experience, to see the fastest growing economy of the world from within. Get to know what youngsters in China think and help them understand western culture.

Hotel jobs, do translations, or even make websites for companies. Your skills can be used elsewhere, paying for the opportunity to prolong your stay!

If you want to find out whether YOUR skills can be used in a specific country and/or specific job, drop us a line. We’re still in the process of making contacts in 20+ countries, so probably YOUR preferred job can be research as well.

Send us an e-mail at with your ideas, suggestions or requests.

You can also ask for more information about the different types of  work abroad programs we are currently preparing would suit you best.

If you are an employer, looking for the advantages of hiring people from all over the world, let us know!

About us:

Founded in 2006, www.volunteerworkabroad.net is intended to select the best EXISTING providers of both volunteer programs as well as work abroad programs. At different international fairs and conferences we are attending (World Youth and Student Travel Conference, Global Work Experience Association, ICEF) and will be attending (“Internationale Tourismus Börse” in Berlin, FITUR –the biggest tourism fairt of Spain- in Madrid, World Travel Market in London etc.) we will be selecting providers of such programs, that inspire highest confidence and professionality. Next, we will visit them in their own country (their offices), as well as inspect their programs world wide (surely YOU wouldn’t mind to have THAT job…).

People helping out in this project:
Janine Wegman from Activity International in the Netherlands.
Caroline Fox, from Twin in UK
René de Jong, from Internet advantage Spain
Nihan Sharma, from IDEX in India
Meritxell Morera, from Sabatica Consultores in Spain

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