Finding your Volunteering Abroad Sole Purpose

This is one funny but completely truthful answer I found from the Yahoo Answers site about knowing what the purpose of volunteering abroad is. Let me detail here the answers:

Answer 1: I volunteer to make my resume better. But that’s just me.
Answer 2: it helps people
Answer 3: I think the purpose of volunteering is helping people who are need of help, or just helping out your community. Its gives you a feeling of self purpose and makes you feel good that you did something to help out someone without expecting anything back in return.

Well, I guess the third answer is what we and the asker of Yahoo are looking for. Indeed, there really is a sort of deep satisfaction and fulfillment when we tend to help the others. Besides, living all by yourself is so lonely. And people may live like that sometimes, but time will come when they have enough. There’s really no satisfaction in living only for one’s self. It is fulfilling when we help the others; to render some of our time, effort, and even finances to those in need of such.

If you haven’t tried volunteering in your entire life, you better try it, ladies and gentlemen, because here’s really some edge in pursuing this. You may not prefer doing the volunteer abroad, and just settle it locally, that’s fine. Your decision to stay in your locality to volunteer is a remarkable deed.

Nonetheless, the choice to go beyond your borders and pursue volunteering outside your boundaries is remarkable as well. Imagine going to Africa helping those children incapable of reading, writing, and acquiring the needed education mandated for them. It’s really fulfilling. At the end of the day, despite the tiring deeds, painful back, and no compensation whatsoever, you will really be content as you see the result of your remarkable effort. You will see them learning, as they thank you for becoming an instrument to them. You will be remarked in their minds and hearts, and that is one noble thing to do.

So go ahead and pursue your purpose of volunteering abroad!

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