Take a break You still havenít considered it?

Taking break from the grind, having some time out from work or before beginning a new job or course, taking time away from your routine and all that weighs you down, living up close to a volunteer project. Volunteer Work Abroad gives you the opportunity of taking an intelligent break in your life and converting your sabbatical time into both a unique and indispensable experience.

A break with Volunteer Work Abroad can not only teach you new things, help you to make discoveries that will serve in your day to day life and strengthen your mid-set, but also equip you with the capabilities and experience that businesses value highly when reviewing curriculums (confidence, maturity, ability to resolve problems, creativity).

If they are volunteer programs, why is there a cost?

It should be clear to you that voluntary work is not paid work; you are not working for Volunteer Work Abroad, you are contributing your own time and energy to local projects just as Volunteer Work Abroad is the organization that works to look after you, ensures that all the programs meet with the desired standards, that your contribution is beneficial for both the local community and for yourself, enabling you take as much from the experience as possible, so that you feel comfortable and safe where you stay. In summary, we are there to make sure your experience is a successful one.

Although you will go as a volunteer, your monetary contribution is needed so that your accommodation and maintenance does not come as a cost to anybody else (the accommodation is usually with host families or local communities, in which case your money is directly invested into the local economy). Furthermore, it includes services of: selection, orientation, safety and a team of professionals at your service in the destination and over the phone who care for your wellbeing and security. At times and when necessary, small donations will go towards projects which require the money for their development.

Is it vital to have experience to take part in one of these programs?

In principle no, but there are programs with specific requirements. Ask us and we will tell you about each program.

Do I have to know foreign languages to join a program?

For the Hispanic destinations, Spanish is necessary. Also, to a certain level, English is asked for. For this, Volunteer Work Abroad will test your level of English and, in the case you are not at the required level, you can choose to undertake English classes at your chosen destination before beginning the program.

How do I choose a program?

We help you; call us and tell us what you are looking for. We will give you the best options according to your profile and desires.

Can I send money to one of these projects?

No. It is much better that you come as a participant and bring some extra money. Once you see where the need lies for donating and after speaking with the local co-ordinators, if it appeals, you can then contribute at the destination.

What is the minimum age for taking part?

It is vital that you are 18 years old; in some cases, a little older.

And the maximum age for taking part?

There are programs for those older than 30 and the maximum age, if one enjoys good health, is usually 55 years old.

Should I choose a program according to my profession?

Not necessarily; tell us what you like and what you want to do and we will advise you. A program can often be an opportunity to learn new things.

How much time before the program begins should I register?

The sooner the better to ensure you have the opportunity to fully prepare yourself. We never recommend that it is less than 8-10 weeks, although it does depend on the program.

What types of people participate in these programs?

People from all around the world, of diverse ages, with common objectives: to have fun and an adventure, to take a break, to make a change in their life, to take sabbatical time, to rest, to learn, to help others and to interact with other cultures.

What are the minimum requirements?

To be older than 18 and to be keen to share and learn about new cultures. To be responsible.

How can one approach the subject of taking sabbatical time from work?

You can carry out one of these programs whilst taking advantage of your holidays from work or ask your employer for a sabbatical break. There are usually agreements in contracts which discuss under what conditions employees can take sabbatical breaks, consult yours.

Why should I register with a secure doctor?

Because one never knows what can happen and it is better to pay for a secure doctor than to cover the costs of a case of illness; foreign medical bills can be extortionate. Furthermore, it is a vital requirement of many programs.

What happens if I have a serious problem whilst I am abroad?

In each destination we have a local coordinator and telephone staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Before leaving, we give you all the necessary phone numbers and details of the people to contact in the country you will be visiting. In the case of a medical emergency, you should contact the secure doctor you have registered with immediately.

What is included in the price?

This information can be found detailed in each programís section of the website.

How do I know if it is safe to travel to this country?

We can guarantee that we work with serious organizations, internationally recognized, that are there to help you and to make your experience both successful and memorable. If in any of the destinations something happens which infringes on your safety, you should advise us immediately. In all of the destinations there is a responsible contact of Volunteer Work Abroad and a number to call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, should you need any support. However, each participant should follow the specific indications for each destination and behave responsibly.

Should I get vaccinated? What medical precautions should I take?

For each program we suggest a series of precautions, some destinations require vaccinations but before travelling you should consult your doctor, explain to him/her the country you will be travelling to and follow any advice which applies to the country or your particular health conditions.

What is it like travelling alone?

You will see that there really is no problem; The majority of our participants travel alone and find they meet new people from different countries who too are travelling alone. You also have the option of travelling accompanied and/or with a group.

When should I register myself and pay for the program?

When you have passed the level test and you have decided which program you would like to undertake. You should send us the inscription form and a deposit of 200Ä. Ten weeks before the start of the program you will have to pay the remaining cost.

Is the flight ticket included in the price?

The plane ticket is never included in the price but we can put you in contact with an agency which can give you special offer prices.

Can I sponsor a child through Volunteer Work Abroad?

With Volunteer Work Abroad you can take on a project as a volunteer but we do not offer child sponsorship.

Where can I find information about being a responsible tourist?

Download the World Tourism Organizationís definition and advice.

Where can I find more information?

Contact us at

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