How to plan a volunteer travel?

When you are going on a volunteer travel you have to take into account many factors according to the type of activities you will perform, the destination you will travel to, the time of the program, etc. Remember that a volunteer travel is not a relaxed vacation.

Before leaving for a volunteer travel you should think about the things you could need while abroad and what to do to prepare yourself for the experience, so you can assure everything. Some of the aspects you should take into account before traveling are:

  • Clothing: This depends on the place where you go, but in many cases the place you will stay at won’t have a lot of facilities you can depend on. Start on time with packing your luggage and make sure you’ll take enough with you. Depending on your destination you should bring enough clothes and research a little bit what the weather is like and what not to wear. If you are going to Africa for example it will be very hot, but during the night it can be very cold as well.

  • Healthcare and Medication: Remember to pack practical health and cleaning products, like soap, shampoo, mosquitoes repellent, etc. as all the medication that you are taking and will need to take during the time you are abroad. For example, it is really important to visit a doctor before traveling so you he/she can advise you about possible vaccinations you need to take as you will be in a different environment where you can be exposed to some diseases. Also, remember to be careful where do you eat while you are abroad, as sometimes food that you can buy in the streets don't comply with health regulations.

  • Money: Even if you are traveling with an agency that organize your travel and that will organize every aspect of your travel it is always important to bring "pocket money" and take a credit card with you for any unexpected situation.

  • Travel with an organization or agency: Remember that a volunteer travel is not the typical holiday so there are specialized agencies that manage all the volunteer travel related activities so you can enjoy of this experience being sure that you are giong to be safe.Volunteer agencies also offer a diverse offer of programs you can choose from to participate: Check-out the best agency organized volunteer programs.

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