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Why do you think are the reasons why there are many people who rushed to volunteer locally and abroad? Volunteers are typically those we are willing to help with or without pay. They will be the one working on social services, teaching basic information or languages, or helping orphanages. Despite the fact that volunteering is not an easy tasks and it could be risky as well, there are still millions of people who wants to become one of the volunteers. Simply because there are a lot of benefits you can get when you allow yourself to immerse on the volunteer program. Here are the top 10 common reasons why people want to volunteer.

  1. When you indulge in the international volunteer work you will learn new skills. If you volunteer for the social development you will get to learn how to cook, to do carpentry task or plumbing skills. You will be exposed to the different kinds of volunteering work that you have not experience before.

  2. Indulging in the international volunteer programs would give you a lot of opportunities. It would give you the chance to expose to another country with different culture, learn new languages and meet new friends.

  3. If you volunteer you will get some exercise. Wondering how? By doing physical effort such like lifting heavy things, rushing and running if there is an urgent event. If you were one of those who needs volunteer work, volunteering that give physical efforts could be a good idea.

  4. The effect of the volunteer work abroad since you will have the chance to meet diverse people, both locales and other volunteers coming from the different countries.

  5. Taking the volunteers working overseas program would give you the chance to be around with the motivated people. With these inspiring people, you will also get inspired and do with inspiration your assigned tasks.

  6. Joining the voluntary jobs overseas would give you positive energy. If you notice, rampant negative news in newspapers and television emerged. Volunteering could give you a self-fulfilled feeling that could give you happiness and hope.

  7. When you volunteer, it would make you realize your worth. Taking the international volunteer projects that help other people who were victims of illnesses, different diseases and poverty would make you think that you are more blessed and you can start counting on it.

  8. You would learn how to face your problem even by yourself. Though there is no end of problem solving method in this world, and some would give up because they think they canít make it anymore. With the spirit of volunteering that you learned you will become tougher to face your problem and solve it alone.

  9. Grabbing the volunteers international and volunteer opportunities would make you feel like you are always connected. You are like part of the community just like one family.

  10. Volunteering would let you experience team building exercise. Even when you volunteer to become and international paid volunteer it would be nice to see other volunteers working together as a group, and realizing that you are one of them.

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