What is a volunteer travel?

Volunteer travel is a combination of two fun activities: volunteering and travelling.

Volunteering allows you to work to serve a community in need supporting directly a specific program that will help a cause you believe in. Volunteer work is usually promoted by non-profit organisations in developing countries. Through a volunteer travel you will have the opportunity to go abroad to help or protect a good cause.

Volunteer travel is really popular among young people because it gives them the opportunity to interact with other people that share their same vision of life, learn more about different cultures, communities, nature conservation while helping a great cause they believe in: is the perfect mix of a fun and responsible experience!

What different types of volunteer programs are there?

There are many different volunteer programs that you can choose from according to your interests:

  • Support social development. Contribute by working in a project or activity that looks to help people in developing countries to rehabilitate or improve their social skills. People, primarily children in war zones do have problems with communicating to other people. These people need help to pick up their lives and need assistance in creating new contacts.
  • Educational volunteering. You can support local communities education by teaching children to read and write or a foreign language that will help them to improve their knowledge and quality of life.
  • Healthcare volunteering. Healthcare situation in developing countries is global issue. In these kind of projects you will be able to help communities in developing countries that donít have public health facilities to improve their health conditions and fight against diseases.
  • Nature and environmental Conservation. You will have the opportunity to help environmental conservation projects while having an extraordinary wildlife interaction. You can also take care of animals that are threatened with extinction, plant trees to save a forest, etc.


Remember that by enrolling in any volunteer program you will help to make a better world!

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